B | Butterfly

Butterflies represent transformation, growth, turning point, fickleness, whims, and sexual desire. If the butterfly is black, your values will fundamentally change. If blue, your intelligence will be greatly improved. If golden, you are confident and willing to increase your social status. If orange, you will further your relationship with your energy and physical strength. If pink, you will be loved by those around you. If purple, you are being a grown up. If red, your vitality and energy are increasing. If white, people around you will support you. If yellow, you will make use of the wisdom and creativity. If colorful, you have successfully overcome difficulties and have grown significantly.

Catching butterflies in a dream, means you are growing on an on-going basis. The bigger the butterfly you catch, the more pleasing your growth will be. If you feel tired while chasing butterflies, you are running out of energy.

Saving a butterfly, suggests you should support the growth of others.

Eating a butterfly, is a message that you need to grow up. Alternatively, you are trying to solve the problem or trouble right in front of you.

Attacking butterflies in your dream, is a sign that you are under a lot of stress. You get irritated with yourself and your lover.

An attacking butterfly often symbolizes a woman. So if you are attacked by a butterfly in your dream, there is a high possibility that you will be involved in some kind of trouble in a romantic relationship. You will have a romantic rival if you are a woman, you will be two-timing your lover if you are a man.

To dream that you are a butterfly, foretells that a major turning point in your life is approaching.

Seeing beautiful butterflies flying in the sky, means you will grow significantly.

Two butterflies represent your romantic relationship. If they look happy and accompany each other, it means you have a good relationship with your lover. If they are far apart, you two are incompatible.

Seeing a butterfly flying dangerously, warns that your indecisiveness and behavior are likely to get you into trouble.

If you feel scared seeing many butterflies are flying in the sky, denotes that your hard work will go waste. It is important to give yourself a moment to relax and collect yourself after the dream.

Being chased by many butterflies, shows that you are running away from growth. Nothing will change if you keep escaping from difficulties.

A butterfly landing on you in a dream, means you have the opportunity to take a big leap right in front of you. Alternatively, you are in poor physical condition or have anxiety about your health.

To dream of a butterfly landing on a flower, is a sign that you will grow with the support of those around you.

Seeing butterflies die in a dream, signifies bad luck. You won't be able to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

Killing a butterfly in your dream, means you are annoyed that you can't grow as you wish. You may experience stress in your romantic relationship.

To dream of a butterfly emerging, suggests that your efforts will be recognized and you will be able to achieve great results.

A butterfly enters your home, is a sign of unexpected good luck in everything such as work, money, and love.

A butterfly leaving your house, indicates bad luck in the home.