B | Bus

The bus is a symbol of cooperation, morality, group behavior, life, relationships, etc.

To dream of a chartered bus, symbolizes a growing desire for exclusivity.

Not getting on a bus, suggests you value individualism over community values. You have a strong desire to do things in your own way, rather than imitating other people or belong to a particular group.

Not getting on a bus because you are worried about something, shows your worries about your group behavior or relationships.

To dream that you are the only passenger on the bus, suggests you are being timid. You feel alone and are not spending time with those around you. People rarely depend on you.

If there are only a few people on the bus, your relationships between you and your family and friends got worse.

Seeing only two people on the bus, indicates that you will have to say goodbye to someone close to you.

Being on a bus with your lover, signifies that the person is very important to you.

Missing a bus, implies your fear of being left out.

To dream of traveling by bus, means things go smoothly without interruption or difficulty. It also represents your desire to build good relationships with others.

To dream that a bus arrives at its destination, implies that you will work with your colleagues to achieve your goals. If it arrives earlier than scheduled, you will reach your goal earlier than planned, and vice versa.

If the bus does not arrive at its destination, it's a warning that you won't be able to achieve the goals you're trying to achieve with your colleagues.

Getting on the first bus, implies new beginnings.

Getting on the last bus, represents your last opportunities. Anything you are working on can be your last chance.

To dream that you are on a jam packed bus, means you feel uncomfortable in a group or organization. You care about what others think, can't get things done at your own pace.

To dream that you can't get on a bus because it's jam packed, signifies you are at a turning point in your life. Possibly, you feel isolated or anxious about being left behind due to your lack of self-assertion.

Getting on a sightseeing bus, signifies you feel stressed at work or school. However, those around you will help you to relieve stress. If the bus was dirty or dark, your lack of cooperation and morality may lead to troubles and conflicts.

Getting on the wrong bus, means that you cannot decide your own path.

Getting on the same bus with the person waiting at the bus stop, implies that you will work together with that person in the future.

Getting off the bus before you get to your destination, shows your desire to get away from reality. You want to start over and reboot your life.

To dream that you can't get off the bus, indicates things are going wrong in your life. You want to escape from reality but you can't.

Getting off a bus because of some passenger, means you are under mental pressure in waking life.

Transferring from bus to bus, foretells you will join a different group. You may change your job.

The bus is heading to the wrong destination, implies that you are thinking too much and becoming indecisive. You will be in the right direction if you stop thinking too much.

To dream that a bus is speeding up, suggests your life is changing at a tremendous speed.

Having a dream the bus engine won't start, signifies low motivation and vitality.

To dream about a bus accident, suggests your relationships are temporarily stagnant.

Driving a bus in a dream, represents the potential to gain popularity and power. You will be put in a responsible position in the future. If you drove it well, things will go well because of the cooperation with others. If you didn't, you will fail due to lack of confidence in your ability.

Someone you know is driving a bus, means you admit the person has the ability to be in a responsible position. Alternatively, you are greatly influenced and swayed by the person.