B | Blood

To dream of blood, symbolizes energy, power, vitality, money, and motivation. Such dream is common for those who are pregnant.

Blood on clothes, shows your desire to change the way you look.

To dream about blood sea, means you are likely to be stuck in your life. You will make a lot of small mistakes and feel frustrated by it.

To dream that you are coughing up blood, is a warning dream for health. The dream conveys that you are under a lot of stress. It's also a sign that you may lose your vitality or property.

Seeing someone else coughing up blood, implies that the person will lose health or property. If it's a stranger, the person is your alter ego. You should watch out for your health.

Bleeding from a head, portends you will have to spend a lot of money due to an unexpected accident or problem. Alternatively, you are having mental fatigue as the result of brain over-activity.

Bleeding from eyes, denotes that your hard work won't give you good results.

Bleeding from ears, indicates denotes you will go through a bitter experience if you don't listen to other people's advice and warnings.

To dream that your teeth are bleeding, suggests that your dissatisfaction with your relationship with others will develop into trouble in the future. You should find out what causes dissatisfaction with them and try to solve the problem to avoid conflict.

Bleeding from hands, implies a change in relationships with those close to you. If the blood is black, it means you regret over a problem that occurred in a relationship.

Bleeding from both your hands and feet, is an implication of wealth. Your work will be valued by others and you will get a good reputation at work.

Your fingernail bleeding in a dream, is a sign that you need to beware of injuries, especially an injury that will be caused by your carelessness. If there's a lot of blood, your injury will be severe.

Bleeding from a finger has a different meaning depending on which finger bleeds. Bleeding from the thumb indicates dissatisfaction with your family or colleagues. The index finger represents dissatisfaction with society. The middle finger, means dissatisfaction with those who are close to you. Ring finger denotes that you will grow apart from someone important to you. The little finger signifies irregular periods for women and genital problems for men.

Bleeding from your hip, foretells of an unexpected gain in income.

Getting blood drawn for a test or donation in a dream, means you have big worries and problems. You need other's opinion or judgment in order to solve them. Possibly, you are feeling physically and emotionally drained.

Drinking blood in a dream, is that you are full of energy and rejuvenated. You may play an active role in your workplace.

To dream of licking blood, means you are demoralized and exhausted both physically and mentally.

To dream that you are sucking someone's blood, signifies that you are sucking the energy of that person.

Someone is sucking your blood in your dream, indicates fatigue and loss of strength or vitality.

A dream of blood clotting, suggests you have a fixed mindset and don't have the ability to reason and think flexibly. It may be a forewarning of great loss.

Seeing a black blood clot, is a warning signal to the body. You need to have a break from stress.

To dream that you are covered in blood, indicates stress accumulation. You may have been feeling intensely angry. If the blood is dark, the dream is warning you that you have a health problem.

If there's no blood runs out of your wound in a dream, portends that there is a risk of unexpected accidents, illness, and financial loss.