B | Black

If you were happy and joyful in black dreams, it symbolizes elegance, authority, power, wealth, rebirth, hidden desires, powerful luck, infinite possibilities, major changes, paternity, and single-mindedness.

If the dream was unpleasant, it signifies darkness, nothingness, bad luck, the unknown, difficulties, disturbance, suffering, problems, quarrels, sadness, anxieties, loneliness, despair, repression, secrets, catastrophes, unexpected disasters, loss, physical and mental distress, illness, death, and reset.

A dream of black liquid, is a symbol of information, wealth, and authority. You may move up at work, advance your career, or increase your wealth. If the liquid overflows and drops on you, it's a sign of evil.

Black teeth are a sign of bad luck for you and those around you. Problems will be solved if they turn into clean and white.

To dream that you are wearing black clothes, tells you may be attending a funeral in the near future. It can also represent your physical and mental distress, increased stress, and loneliness.

Wearing a black dress, is a bad luck. However, if it was a gorgeous black dress, is suggests you are seeking validation from others. You may want to show off your wealth or status to others. It can also reflect your strong desire for control.

To dream of wearing black mourning clothes, implies misfortune in the near future and the death of close relatives. If the dream gave you good feelings, you will be able to solve problems you are facing. There may be changes in your surroundings.

A black underwear in dreams, represents an unconscious increase in sexual desire.

Wearing black socks in a dream, denotes bad luck in love relationship, poor health, or unexpected misfortune.

To see someone wearing black clothes, warns the person is hiding secrets from you, or being malicious towards you. The dream may portend troubles, conflicts and quarrels in relationships.

To dream about a man in black, often does not have a good meaning. You may be deceived by men. If you find him attractive, you are longing for a smart and powerful man.

To dream that someone's face is in black, is a warning to be careful about your health.

To dream of a black shadow in dreams, embodies your anxiety and loneliness. It can also symbolize trauma in the past.

Having an unpleasant dream of a black shadow shaped like a woman, or a woman wearing black clothes, suggests you are unconsciously doing the same thing like the shadow or the woman did in the dream in your waking life.

Dreams of black plants, forewarn that your health or luck in a relationship will decline. If they are large, well-grown, it shows you have the power to overcome obstacles and the ability to withstand adversity.

A dream of a black flower, implies problems in relationships. It's not a bad dream if you thought the flower is beautiful.

Plants or animals turn black, is a suggestion of unexpected trouble. Be careful of unexpected expenses and quarrels.

Black butterflies in dreams, symbolize accidents, unexpected disaster, or relationship problems. Be cautious when making judgements. Or it's a warning that your secret will be revealed to others in the near future.

A dream of a black fish, represents your inner desire. You have the ability to withstand difficult situations.

A black dog in dreams, signifies sad events, poor physical condition, or betrayal. You may have an unexpected illness or be betrayed by a person you trusted such as your family, friends, or a partner. Seeing a white dog wearing black clothes shares the same meaning.

To dream of a black cat, is said to be a symbol of good luck. If it leaves, your problems will disappear. If it enters your place or vehicle, it suggests good news in on the way. If the cat is dirty or gives you bad impression, it implies misfortune and unexpected bad luck.

To dream of a black rabbit, denotes there are pitfalls in your life. Alternatively, it suggests the need to break your bad habits otherwise you have a lot of unexpected bad luck.

A dream of a black snake, can be a sign of illness. Be careful of your health as black snakes have implications for poor physical condition and illness.

Being attacked by a black dragon, signifies poor physical condition or failure. If you successfully defeat the dragon, you have the power to overcome difficulties and troubles.

Seeing black clouds in dreams, is a warning of something ominous. If the clouds are starting to spread out, things are going to get worse. Or it simply reflects your uneasy and uncomfortable feelings.

A black cloud that looks like a rain cloud, suggests there are plenty of obstacles in your path. It may be a warning that disaster will overtake you.

To dream about a black cloud that's about to produce rain, signals now is a time when everything goes wrong. You will easily get into troubles.

To dream that the sea is black, is some kind of warning. It may be a reflection of your feelings of anxiety about the future or a warning of poor health.

If the sea is black and rough, means you are both mentally and physically exhausted and unstable.

A black doll in the dream, is a symbol of anxieties and worries. It may indicate your childhood trauma.

To dream of a black car, signifies accidents, troubles, relationship problems, and illness. Be careful of your health and what you say, and be wary of your surroundings after the dream.

Being run over by a black car, denotes neglecting and postponing things can cause great misfortune. It is also a suggestion of an accident or illness.

To dream of a black luxurious building, implies the authority and power of luck. If there are cracks in the building, you may be showing off your power or wealth to others.

A small or simple black building, symbolizes poor dignity and weak luck.