B | Biting

To dream about being bitten, symbolizes aggression, stress, relationships, and sexual interest.

To dream of biting someone, shows your hatred towards that person.

Biting yourself in dreams, implies you are angry at yourself.

To dream that you are biting your finger, represents your growing sexual curiosity and sexual desire.

If someone is biting your finger, it's a warning of bad luck. If the person bit your index finger, it means bad luck in love. You may be in trouble with your relationship or have rivals.

Biting someone's head in a dream, signifies jealousy towards your rival. The dream expresses your desire to interfere with your rival's' work.

To dream that your head is bitten, means the person who bit your head is likely to be jealous of your intellect and abilities.

To dream of biting your lips, indicates that things aren't going the way they were planned, and you're feeling frustrated and stressed.

Someone is biting your lips, signifies your sexual desire. Alternatively, it's a message from the dream that you need to watch your mouth.

To dream that your leg is bitten, is a warning dream that you shouldn't move from the spot you are currently at.

Having your arm bitten by a person, represents the person's affection to you. The stronger the pain, the stronger the affection. If it was an animal that bit your arm, it forewarns of troubles.

Biting someone's arm, indicates problems in your relationship.

Biting your own body, suggests poor physical health. Or you are frustrated that things don't go the way you want.

To dream of biting something really hard, means you're dissatisfied with the people around you. You may have feelings of resentment towards your friends, family, partners, or colleagues.

Biting solid metallic materials or objects such as iron or stones, indicates a problem that can't be solved despite your best efforts.

Being bitten by a pet, implies repulsion and betrayal.

Seeing a dog biting itself, denotes that you will be likely to get into trouble because of others.

Being bitten by a dog, portends you will have trouble with men.

Being bitten by a cat, implies trouble with or jealousy from a woman. If you are a woman and it was your pet cat, think of it as your own projection.

Being bitten by a mouse, signifies danger creeping up on you quietly. If it was a cute white mouse, it's a lucky dream.

Bitten by a rabbit, signifies relationship conflict and stress.

Bitten by a wolf, suggest unexpected problems.

Being bitten by a horse, denotes you will have problems with those close you. You are likely to dislike your close friends.

Bitten by a crocodile, warns there's an aggressive person nearby. You may end up like the scene in the dream if you irritate the person. Be more careful about what you say.

Being bitten by a shark, implies both stress and anxiety reached your limit.

Bitten by a dolphin, denotes a friendship crisis. You may cause cracks in a relationship with a person you care.

Being bitten by a crow, forewarns of unexpected disaster such as accidents, illness, or even death.

To dream of bitten by a zombie and if you are a man, it's a symbol of sexual desire. If you are a woman, be careful of a man approaching you.

Being bitten by a cockroach, implies unexpected trouble.

Being bitten by a spider, is a warning against falling into a trap or trouble in a relationship. There's a good chance that some woman holds a grudge against you. Don't fall for sweet words. Some people might pretend to be a nice person in order to get what they want.

Getting bitten by a poisonous spider, is a sign of dangerous temptation. Don't let your guard down.

Getting bitten by a centipede, is a good dream in the sense that you will receive the good luck of a centipede.