B | Bicycle

A bicycle in dreams, is symbolic of energy balance, mental and physical health balance, progress towards your goals, sexual desire, or things that take time and effort. The condition of the bicycle directly represents your physical and mental condition.

A broken or dirty bicycle, signifies a weakened state of mind due to stress, distress, and anxiety.

To dream that you are just looking at a bicycle, means you are thinking of ways to reach your goals.

To dream that you are knocked off your bicycle, forewarns of someone or something that may get in the way of your work. Unexpected obstacles or troublesome accidents may occur. Be careful not to make mistakes as you may be lacking in concentration.

Riding a bicycle in a dream, represents you are harmonizing with your surroundings and balancing your strengths and weaknesses to achieve your goals. If you were bad at riding it, your plans won't go as you planned. It may be a sign of trouble or poor health.

To dream that you are going fast on a bicycle, indicates you are dissatisfied with your work or relationships. You have feelings of social isolation and alienation from others.

Ride a bicycle on poor road surfaces or on a muddy road, warns you will struggle with problems in the near future.

Riding a bicycle on gravel or unfinished roads, denotes troubling events in the future.

Riding a bicycle on water, implies success and good luck. You are trying different things with hope for the future.

Riding a bicycle in the sky, means things are going well so far.

Riding a bicycle when it's raining, portends unexpected danger in your plan or unexpected accidents. The dream may be telling you that it is difficult to achieve the goal based on your current circumstances.

To dream of riding a bicycle up hill or into a headwind, represents your eagerness to confront a difficult situation or issue. You will be able to overcome the challenges you will be facing and will successfully move forward to achieve your plan.

If you couldn't proceed against a headwind or because the heel was too steep, it forewarns that you won't be able to move forward due to your lack of negotiating skills and poor problem solving skills. Possibly, you may have set an unreasonable goal or making useless efforts.

Riding it down hill, implies that things will go smoothly. However, those who are are under too much stress or hold back their emotions tend to have this dream.

Learning to ride a bicycle, shows your willingness to improve your abilities. You are making efforts to achieve your goals and refining your skills.

Renting or borrowing a bicycle, represents you need help or support from someone to achieve your goals.

Buying a new bicycle, signifies smooth progress of work, as well as the physical and mental well-being.

Repairing a bicycle in a dream, tells you are motivated to achieve your goal but your strength is not enough.

Running away on a bicycle, suggests you are being chased by something or someone.

Having a bicycle accident in a dream, implies that your impatience or lack of concentration may hinder your plans. Or it signifies self-blame. Alternatively, it can be a prediction of the accident.

Having your bicycle stolen in your dream, denotes unexpected extra income or that your worries will soon be resolved. If it was your real-life bicycle, it warns of rivals or unexpected loss. You may experience some disadvantages.

Looking for your lost or stolen bicycle in a dream, represents your desire to set a new goal in life. If you find it, you'll soon have your next goal. If you can't, it indicates your unconscious resistance to have a goal.

Reaching your destination by a bicycle, is a suggestion that you can reach your goal.

To dream of two people riding a bicycle, reflects the compatibility and relationship between the two people. If you were the one pedaling, the person sitting on the rear rack of the bicycle is the person you take care. If someone else was pedaling, and you were sitting on the rear rack of the bicycle, means the person is helping and supporting you in real life.