B | Bats

Bats are a symbol of hidden things of darkness such as invisible trouble, eeriness, or uncertainty. Also reversal of luck, sexual temptation, betrayal, hidden desire and trouble.

A dream of an eerie bat, forewarns of betrayal, slander, or criticism from people you trust or thought you were friends with.

Seeing many bats in a dream, means reversal of luck. If things go well in your waking life, it's a sign of misery sneaking up on you. If you are living a dreary life, then good luck is coming your way.

A dream of a dead bat, foretells things will get better and problems will be solved.

Seeing baby bats in dreams, warns of little threats that will lead to a great disaster.

Upside bats in dreams, signify reversal of luck. Things you think is right may be wrong, or someone you trust may betray you.

To dream that you are a bat, is a suggestion that there's something that needs to be changed. Possibly, you are trying to betray or attack someone secretly. Or it implies that your primitive desires such as sexual desire are increasing.

Someone you think is nice is a bat in your dream, denotes that the person may betray you. It can also mean the person has a deep secret.

To dream that a bat is attached to you, implies you will soon calm your mind.

To dream of looking at a bat, indicates that your current life situation is triggering anxiety.

Seeing bats flying around, foretells you will be in trouble or unhappy in the future.

To dream of a group of bats flying, warns rivals will appear.

To dream of a bat fell from the sky, means things don't go as you expected, and you are stuck in an endless loop of worrying. If the bat takes off, your suffering won't be wasted.

To dream that a bat appears out of nowhere, indicates reversal of luck.

To dream of bumping into a bat, means you are mentally unstable. There's likely to be some disease or injury in the bumped area.

Being bitten and/or sucked blood by a bat in dreams, have the meaning of increased sexual drive as well as the meaning of warning of injuries. Consider which part was bitten by the bat. It can be the part that you will have trouble with in the future.

If you are a woman and dreamt of being attacked by a bat, is an indication of evil temptations and loneliness.

Catching a bat in your dream, implies good luck. You will easily overcome any difficulties or misfortunes after the dream.

Killing a quiet, well-behaved bat, is a sign that you are unconsciously dissatisfied and becoming aggressive.

killing a bad bat, denotes that you will be able to overcome problems. Your physical and mental condition will be improved.

Eating a bat in a dream, means your energy and vitality is increasing. You have the power to bounce back from bad luck. Possibly, your sexual desire is increasing.

To dream of a bat coming inside your house, is a prelude to a turning point in your home or relationships. There may be a major change to your family members or those who are close to you. Those who were unhappy will have good luck, those who were happy will be unfortunate. Since a home in dreams represents a dreamer's inner self, the dream may represent anxiety influenced by external factors.