How do you sleep and what is your favorite way to sleep?

Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, conducted a survey by asking the most common sleeping positions and self-described personality traits about 1000 British people. He found a lot of people don't change their sleeping positions throughout their lives. Pick your sleeping position and see what it says about your personality!

#1 Fetal 41%

Fetal sleepers curl their legs with knees pulled up to their chests and heads bent forward. They have a tough exterior but are actually shy and sensitive on the inside. They prone to worry and overthink and often want to be protected, understood, and sympathised. People who choose this position only reveal their thoughts to people they trust. By curling up their legs, they are cutting themselves off from the problems they face in their lives.

#2 Log 15%

They lie on their sides with their legs extended straight and arms by their sides. People who sleep like a log are social, carefree and easy going that prefer to be included in an A-list crowd but inflexible in their thinking. Their negative traits are bossy, stubborn and rigid. They are very trusting in others, which makes them a little gullible.

#3 Yearner 13%

Yearners sleep on their sides with their arms outstretched in front of them. Open-minded and eager but cynical, stubborn and suspicious. They are slow when making decisions, but stick to it once their minds are made up. Such yearners tend to seek exciting new challenges and opportunities.

#4 Soldier 8%

Soldier sleepers sleep on their backs with their arms straight by their sides. They are quiet, introverts, reserved, perfectionists, serious, well-adjusted and know what their goals are in life. They don't like a lot of drama and they are not as open to others. They have high expectations for themselves and other people and have strict moral codes.

#5 Freefaller 7%

Stomach sleepers are referred to as 'freefallers'. The freefallers sleep on their stomach with their arms wrapped around their pillows, necks tilted to one side. Freefallers are said to be extroverts. They enjoy spending time with other people more than being alone. Although they seem to have sociable and playful personality, they are actually anxious and crave control on the inside. These sleepers are also sensitive to criticism from others and tend to be risk takers. They are good at making quick decisions.

#6 Starfish 5%

The starfish sleepers sprawl out all over the bed with arms raised up. People with this position are open-minded, introverted, friendly, good listeners and helpful. They discomfort being the center of attention but don't mind finding themselves there.