Body Parts




To dream about your ankles, indicates that you are in need of help and support.


To sprain your ankle in your dream, forewarns of deceit and betrayal.




To see your arms in your dream, represent the struggles and challenges in your life. You may be trying to reach out for help. The right arm signifies your family members or your outgoing nature, while your left arm signifies your relatives or feminine qualities.


To dream that your arm has been injured, denotes that your family relations, lover or friends will be unpleasant. It also forewarns of illness, troubles or loss. You may be feeling limited in most of your activities.


To dream of arms with scars shows trouble ahead for the dreamer.


To dream of ripping someone else's arms out, indicates your repressed anger towards this person.




To dream of armpit, represents your social connections and your relationships to others.




To dream of your back, symbolizes your attitudes, strengths and burdens.


To see a person turn their back on you, signifies that envy and jealousy are trying to hurt you. Additionally, it suggests loss of friendship and betrayal.


To see a naked back, symbolizes powerless, loss of money and ill health. This dream also warns you not to lend advice or money to anyone. It will cause trouble in your relationship.




To dream of a beard, indicates increased prosperity.


To see a gray beard, signifies hard luck and quarrels.


To see beard on women, signifies your masculine aspect of your personality. Alternatively, it denotes unpleasant companions and illness.


To dream of growing a beard foretells you will be in comfortable circumstances.


Belly Button


To dream of belly button, denotes your connection with your mother. The dream may indicate that you need to find center in your life. If you don't have one, then you may feel that you are emotionally isolated.




To dream that you are bleeding, indicates a feeling of loss of power. You may be feeling emotionally drained. Dreams of bleeding are common for a pregnant woman.


To dream of others bleeding, foretells that you will suffer physical and emotional damage.


To dream that you are donating blood, suggests that you are feeling physically and emotionally drained.


To see blood on your cloth, forewarn you about the falsity of your friends and their hidden plan to tear down your career and jeopardize your reputation.


To dream that you are drinking blood, denotes that you will gain vitality, power and energy.




To dream about your own body, represents your state of health. Alternatively, it indicates your consciousness of your physical appearance.




To see bones in your dream, warns that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you. It also suggests that you are trying to discover your personal or family secrets.




To see your own brain in your dream, signifies unpleasant surroundings and uncongenial companions. The dream may also suggest that you are under severe intellectual stress.


To see the brains of animals, foretells of troublesome affairs.


To dream that you are eating the brain, denotes that you will gain knowledge and profit.




To see breasts in your dream, represents motherhood, nurturing, or sexual desire.


To see naked breasts, suggests that you are feeling exposed and invaded of privacy.




To see calves in your dream, represents your ability to jump from situation to situation.




To see rosy-colored cheeks in your dream, symbolizes energy, vitality or shyness.


To see the cheeks are sunken in, represents poverty, hunger, sorrow or mourning.


To dream that your checks are painted, represents your attitudes of courage and activeness.




To see your chest in your dream, signifies confidence or timidness. It also suggests that there's something that you need to get off your chest.




To see your own ears in your dream, symbolizes unexpected news, fame and gossip.


To see a giant or beautiful ear in your dream, denotes that your requests will be taken easily. It also foretells you will meet a rich and noble person.


To see ears changing to an animal's ears, means you will be caught in a trap or suffer a loss because of someone else. You need to be careful of those around you.


To see animal's ear on your body, suggests that you will lose social status and close friends.


To see hair growing in your ear hole, foretells you will soon hear news you've been waiting for.


To see more than 3 ears, suggests that you will have an upright and faithful friend.


To see injured or ear bleeding, denotes someone whom you trust will betray you.


To see a fierce animal's ear, foretells that someone will take advantage of you.


To clean ears or pick your ears, suggests that you are ready to make a good and thoughtful decision.


To dream that your ears are painful, indicates that you are preoccupied with worry about how others perceive you.




To see your elbow, foretells that you will reap the benefits of your hard work.


To dream that your elbow is wounded, suggests loss of an opportunity or your inability to function in some waking situation.




To dream of human entrails, foretells horrible misery, despair and hopelessness.


To see the entrails of a wild animal, foretells downfall of your rival.


To dream that you tear the entrails of another, signifies cruel persecutions to further your own interests.




To see eyebrows in your dream foretells, you will face unfortunate obstacles in your immediate future.




To dream that your eyes are tired or blood-shot, indicates that it's difficult to say how things will turn out in your life.


To dream that your eyes are injured, foretells you will lose control of your own life because of greed or your beloved ones.


To dream that your eyes are closed, denotes that you are refusing to see the truth about something or someone and you are avoiding it. Alternatively, the dream may represent your pain or sympathy in your walking life.


To dream that you have a giant eye, symbolizes clairvoyant.


To dream that you have a third eye, suggests you are intuitive and have psychic powers.


To dream that you have something in your eye, foretells that there are obstacles in your path.


To dream that you have one eye, represents a fear of accepting criticisms of others.




To dream that your eyelashes are growing, symbolizes good health, increased wealth and fortune.


To dream of pulling out your eyelashes, denotes that you will experience losses in business and a personal affair.




To dream about a face, symbolizes social positions, ideas, spirit and personality.


To see your face in the mirror, denotes that you will hear unexpected news from the absent. If your face was black in the mirror, then it foretells you will meet unpleasant companions.


To dream that you have your face in bandage is a warning that you need to watch out for an accident or fraud.


To dream of having a face surgery, represents the change in a social position or a certain situation.


To see a fleck or tumor on face, signifies that people are gossiping about you. You may suffer material losses.


To dream that someone's hiding a face, forewarns that someone is trying to deceive you. You need to be watchful of people around you.


To dream that you are washing your face, denotes that you will find an answer to a problem. It also suggests your need to come clean about some matter.




To see your own feet, symbolizes your foundation, mobility, freedom, independence and stability. Perhaps you have taken a step in the right direction and are contemplating your goals or your next step. If you have no feet, then it foretells many obstacles in your path.


To dream that someone steps your foot, warns that you will be harassed by some false rumor.


To dream that you are washing your feet, indicates that you are letting others take advantage of you.


To dream that your feet are hurting you, denotes troubles and family quarrels.


To see your feet swollen, foretells a sudden change in your business. This dream usually indicates scandal and sensation.




To dream of well-kept fingernails, symbolizes knowledge and achievement.


To dream that you have long fingernails, symbolizes sensitivity, emotions, and issues of sexuality and sensuality. If you have short fingernails, then you will be anxious about worries and troubles.


To dream that you are cutting your fingernails, indicates your strong will power. Also, many major changes will be occurring in your life.


To dream that you are polishing your fingernails, represents lust, sexual desire, scandal and gossip.


To dream that your fingernails break, denotes ill fortune, sickness, failure and ill health.


To dream that you are chewing your nails, signifies worry, anxiety and childish manner.




To dream that your fingers are injured or have been chopped off, signifies loss of friends. Someone may take advantage of you.


To dream of a finger pointing at you, suggests that you are feeling guilty about something you've done.


To dream of your index finger represents good judgment.


To dream of your little finger is symbolic of chance, love and memory.


To dream of your forefinger, represents knowledge, confident, judgment and direction.


To dream of your middle finger, symbolizes achievement, responsibility, prudence and creativity.


To dream of your ring finger, represents creativity, beauty, success and commitment.




To see dream of a fine forehead, signifies thoughtful judgment and fairness.


To see an ugly forehead, indicates dissatisfaction in your personal affairs, much worries and burdens.


To dream of you are kissing your lover's forehead, denotes that your lover will be displeased with your behavior.


To dream of injured forehead, forewarns you will be the object of criticism.




To see gray hair, foretells death or disease in relatives or friends.


Black, curly hair, signifies that someone will seduce and deceive you to please themselves.


Blonde hair, means you will be a true lover and a true friend.


To see red hair, suggests changes in your life.


To see brown hair, foretells bad luck in business.


Brunette hair symbolizes true friendship and faithful.


To see neatly combed hair, indicates an increase in prosperity.


To see unkempt hair, foretells failure in business and marriage.


To dream that your hair is in braids, represents your neat and orderly way of thinking.


To see your hair falling out, suggests that you need to stop relying on others for their help.


If you are combing your hair, indicates negligence in your social life, which will result in losing fortune.


To see your hair turns white, symbolizes deep grief and a terrible event. You may lose your family member, friend or lover by an illness or accident.




To dream of your hands, represents your relationship to those around you and connection with the world. It also symbolizes feelings of loneliness and helplessness in your walking life.


To see blood on your hands, indicates that you are feeling guilty about something. It also denotes obstacles in your progress. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to be careful of your personal affairs. Otherwise it will bring you ill fortune.


To dream that you have no hands, signifies that you are feeling helpless in walking situation. You are seeking for someone to help you.


To dream that you are washing your hands, indicates that you are no longer taking responsibility in some issues. Alternatively, it signifies that you will have a long journey. You may participate in some joyous event.


To dream that your hands are hairy or rough, suggests that you are not being kind and sweet to others.


Alternatively, it signifies that your rivals will rise above you.


To see small hands, means that you are feeling insecure and frightened in your walking life.


To dream that your hands are injured, signifies unhappiness and poor-poverty in the home.


To dream that your hands are giant, foretells that you will successfully achieve your goals and desires.


To dream that you are holding hands with someone, represent your willingness to develop close friendships. It also signifies your anxieties about drifting apart from that person.




To see a head in your dream, signifies wisdom, intellect and understanding. Alternatively, it denotes that persons of power and great influence will lend you aid in business.


To see your head, signifies that you are feeling threatened by some troubles.


To see yourself with two or more heads, foretells that you will have a sudden rise in social status.


To see a child's head, foretells of much pleasure and financial success.


To see a small and narrow head, denotes that you will have less profit than expected.


To see a large and round head, symbolizes power, authority and knowledge.




To see your heart in your dream, is a waning of illness and powerlessness.


To see the heart of an animal, denotes that you will overcome obstacles and rivals.


To dream that your heart is paining, signifies troublesome business. Your mistakes or misunderstandings will bring loss and misfortune.


To dream that your heart is bleeding, signifies distress, disappointment and sympathy.




To see your heel in your dream, suggests that you are feeling worn out due to much responsibility and hard labor. Perhaps you need some time to heal yourself emotionally or physically.


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