Dream Themes - Characters

A character in dreams can be reflection of yourself, an imaginary character or someone you actually know in a waking life.

acquaintance actor&actress adam&eve aliens analyst angels apprentice archbishop architect artist athlete attorney baby bachelor ballerina boy scout brother bus driver cashier celebrities cheerleader children clown daughter daughter-in-law demons dentist devil doctor dwarf enemy fairy family farmer fashion designer father father-in-law fireman gang geisha genie ghost giant god grandparents guest gymnast gypsy hairdresser hero housekeeper husband infant intruder inventor janitor jester jesus judge jury killer king knight lawyer librarian lifeguard lover magician maid mailman man manager mariner mayor mermaid model monk monster mother mother-in-law mummy neighbor nurse orphan passenger patient pervert pirate police politician pope president priest prince princess principal prostitute puppet quack doctor realtor refugee relatives reporter rival sailor saint samurai scientist sculptor servant shadow shepherd singer sister sister-in-law soldier son spirits stranger student tailor teacher terrorist therapist thief tourist traitor transsexual twins uncle usher vagrant vampire vat victim visitor waif waiter waitress widow wife witch wizard woman zombie zookeeper