Water in dreams usually stands for emotion, potential, ability, cleansing, and the unconscious.

To see clear water in your dream, foretells enjoyment, prosperity and pleasure, while dark or dirty water denotes difficulties and confusion.

Shallow water in a dream represents lack of energy or power.

To see deep-black water foretells that you will be facing many difficulties.

To drink it, indicates favorable hopes. If you drink muddy water, it signifies sickness.

To fall into muddy water, denotes that you will make many bitter mistakes, and will suffer grief.

To dream that water is rising up in your house, represents your struggles and overwhelming emotions.

To dream of overflowing water suggests that you are being too emotional.

Flowing water indicates peace and comfort.

To dream of frozen water, indicates that you are emotionally unstable.

Entering water represents a new beginning or a new awareness.

If you are walking on water, you have control over emotions.