Teeth in dreams symbolize the growth process, environment, a mental condition, or feelings of rivalry.

To dream of brushing your teeth, denotes that you will have great good fortune after a period of struggles.

To dream about rotten or decaying teeth, indicates health troubles.

To dream that your teeth are loose, denotes failure in your undertakings. You may hear sorrowful news.

To dream of imperfect teeth, represents misfortune and losses. You will fail to carry out your plans and desires.

Broken teeth in dreams are for people who can't accept reality.

If you lose your teeth, you are losing confidence and power. You have a fear of being embarrassed, unattractive or getting older.

To dream that your teeth fell out denotes stress, lack or energy, or low self-confidence. It can be a forewarning of disagreeable news or unhappiness in social life. It warns of very serious sickness and accidents. Perhaps you are going through some kind of transition.

Seeing all the teeth drop out, portends failures in any kind of undertaking. It also denotes personal sickness. However, it can tell that you are feeling empty inside. If you are anxious about teeth dropping out, it shows your fear of getting old and undesirable.

To dream of having gleaming and even teeth, forecasts much happiness and pleasure through the fulfillment of desires and wishes.

To dream that something is stuck in your teeth, denotes small annoyances.

Dreams about a new tooth is growing represents a new beginning and a turning point. You are building an optimistic and positive attitude, and gaining self confidence.

In women´s dreams, swelling the teeth can signify pregnancy.