Rains symbolize pleasure, enjoyment, tears, prosperity, fertility, and renewal. You are washing away some of your emotions or past memories.

If the rain doesn't stop,bit signifies feelings of worry and anxiety, illness, and disaster.

To dream of stormy rains, forewarns of ill fortune.

A dream that you get wet from the rain, indicates cleansing from your troubles and problems.

To dream of watching the rain from a window, foretells that you will possess fortune and love.

To hear the tapping of the rain on the roof, denotes domestic bliss and joy. You may receive much joy from your home life.

To dream about your house is leaking during a rain, but the water is clear, then it foretells unexpected illicit pleasure. If filthy or muddy, you may expect the reverse.

To dream that your clothes got soiled while out in a rain, forewarns your indulgence in sinful and foolish pleasures will lead you to suffer the suspicions of friends.