Hair in dreams symbolizes the span of life, dignity, vanity, or worries.

To see gray hair, forewarns of death or disease in relatives or friends.

To see black, curly hair, implies that someone will seduce and deceive you to please themselves.

To see blonde hair, denotes you will be a true lover and a true friend.

To see red hair, signifies changes in your life.

To see brown hair, warns of bad luck in business.

To see brunette hair, represents true friendship and faithful.

To see neatly combed hair, denotes an increase in prosperity.

To see unkempt hair, portends failure in business and marriage.

To dream that your hair is in braids, represents your neat and orderly way of thinking.

To see your hair falling out, suggests that you need to stop relying on others for their help.

To dream that you are combing your hair, indicates negligence in your social life, which will result in losing fortune.

To see your hair turns white, symbolizes deep grief and a terrible event. You may lose your family member, friend, or lover.

To dream that you are smelling someone's hair, shows your sexual curiosity.