A face in dreams stands for social positions, ideas, spirit, and personality.

To see your face, indicates that you are on your self-image. If your face is red, it symbolizes embarrassment. If the face has no features, you may be hiding or refusing something in real life.

To see your face in the mirror, forecasts that you will hear unexpected news from the absent. If your face is black in the mirror, then it foretells that you will meet unpleasant companions.

To dream that you have your face in bandage, is a warning that you need to watch out for an accident or fraud.

To dream of having a face surgery, denotes a change in a social position or certain situation.

To see a fleck or tumor on face, implies that people are gossiping about you. Alternatively, you will suffer material losses.

To dream that someone is hiding a face, denotes that someone is trying to deceive you. You need to be watchful of people around you.

To dream that you are washing your face, indicates that you will find an answer to a problem. It also shows your need to come clean about some matter.