To see your own ears in a dream, symbolizes unexpected news, fame, and gossip.

To see a giant or beautiful ear in your dream, denotes that your requests will be taken easily. It also foretells that you will meet a rich and noble person.

To see ears changing to an animal's ears, means you will be caught in a trap or suffer a loss because of someone else. You need to be careful of those around you.

To see animal's ear on your body, suggests that you will lose social status and close friends.

To dream that hair is growing in your ear hole, foretells that you will soon hear news you've been waiting for.

To see more than 3 ears, suggests that you will have an upright and faithful friend.

To see injured or ear bleeding, denotes someone whom you trust will betray you.

To see a fierce animal's ear, foretells that someone will take advantage of you.

To clean ears or pick your ears, means that you are ready to make a good and thoughtful decision.

To dream that your ears are painful, indicates that you are preoccupied with worry about how others perceive you.