To see apples in your dream symbolizes vitality, wisdom, fruitfulness, wholeness and good fortune.

To see ripe apples suggests that you are having a pleasant time.

To see them on a tree, denotes that the time has arrived for you to realize your wishes. If they are on the top of the tree, it warns you not to aim your goals too high.

To see green apples, suggests that you have to work harder and longer than others in order to achieve your goals.

To see rotten apples or apple cores in your dream, foretells that your most strenuous efforts will not bring desired results.

To pick up a rotten apple is a warning that you will meet a bad person.

To dream that you are eating an apple, symbolizes your sexual appetite, lustful desires and sexual awareness. If it's sour, then the dream warns you to be careful of your mouth.

To see apples on the ground, indicates false friends. Someone close to you is working you harm.

Giving an apple to someone means you are showing appreciation.